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Health Fair 2022

The Health Fair on Wednesday, 09/21/2022 was a huge success!

Tristen Oustigoff began the event with an opening prayer. Katrina, Tristen, Nolan, and Ealen provided an opening song. There were dozens of resource booths, both internal and external. The American Cancer Society hosted BINGO from 12pm-1pm, offering prizes and snacks. Following BINGO, all were invited to sign up for the Diabetes Awareness walk. Complimentary t shirts and snacks were provided to walk participants.

Dr. James Fogarty (Medical Doctor) and Dr. Amber Heinz (Pharmacist) were present for a Meet & Greet – both are new to the Tribal clinic! Dr. Fogarty is now available for appointments, should anyone prefer to see a male provider. Dr. Heinz is excited to share information on plans to expand the medications offered through the Tribal pharmacy. Sand Lake Community Workers were selling frybread tacos and chili to benefit future community activities and “Auntie and Uncles Snack Shack” served up pork chops and elote corn for Health Fair guests. There was so much excitement, it’s impossible to list it all in one post. Plan ahead for next year’s Health Fair, it is a “can’t miss” occasion!

Thank you to Tribal Health staff for organizing such an exciting day. Thank you Tribal Council for allowing staff time to visit the different booths and participate in the activities offered.

Happiest of birthdays to elders born in October!

October 1st: Bonita Everson, Lee Staples, Donna Taylor

October 4th: Renee Isham

October 5th: Wanda McFaggen

October 8th: Ronald Bildeau

October 15th: Carmen Butler, Deloris Mosay, Lester Sutton

October 17th: Patricia Merrill, Jon Sheppard

October 21st: Richard Benjamin

October 22nd: Evelyn Jones

October 23rd: Dennis Buck

October 24th: Kimberly Skinaway

October 25th: Margaret Olson

October 26th: Jennifer Benjamin, Robert Oiyotte

October 28th: Kenneth Taylor Sr

October 29th: Mervin Elm

Please spread the word to your friends and family members about our open positions!

Information for Deer Hunters

The St. Croix Natural Resources Department is working in cooperation with GLIFWC to collect deer heads for CWD sampling. There is a freezer by the Tribal registration station. Please contact Jake Didier with any questions at 715-349-2195 ext. 5223.

On September 21, 2022, The Department of Justice awarded the St. Croix Tribe with a Healing to Wellness Court Planning Grant. It will be a two year award utilized to complete the foundation and codes required to establish a Wellness Court.

“The biggest social crisis identified in the St. Croix Tribal community is the exploding epidemic of substance abuse in rural Wisconsin and the lack of justice system services to address this crisis. Families, individuals, and children living in the St. Croix Reservation communities are facing the crisis of addiction in their homes and neighborhoods every day. The devastating effects of drug use and addiction were made worse by the coronavirus and its destabilizing effect on the community. The rates of overdose and violent crime have risen so significantly in the last few years that nearly an entire generation has been lost to death, active addiction, and incarceration. The rise of methamphetamine/opioid use and distribution in the St. Croix Community and Northwestern Wisconsin has devastated the region leaving no family unaffected by addiction” [Source: Inter-County Leader Telegram 12.2021; DHS Wisconsin Opioids Overdose Rates by County 2021].

The overall goal of the St. Croix Tribal Healing to Wellness Court will be the healing of individuals, families, and St. Croix Communities by directing participants onto a healing journey. This program will be based on the belief the Ojibwe culture is the medicine and the foundation from which to build a new lifestyle, which is free from negative influences and incarceration.

“The increasing prevalence of addiction in the community has contributed to an upsurge in the rates of domestic abuse, child abuse/neglect, and children in need of foster care, elder abuse, overdose, property theft, juvenile crimes, arson, homelessness, incarceration, human trafficking, joblessness, disabilities, suicide, and violence in the families of the St. Croix Tribe [Source: St. Croix Tribal Police Department – Chief December 2021].

The Wellness Court will employ special strategies that address past traumas and are connected to cultural practices.

Thank you to the Grants Department, Legal Department, Behavioral Health, Tribal Court, Tribal Police, and Tribal Council for your diligent work on the grant application!

On Thursday, September 22nd, Jean Songetay hosted a frybread making class at the St. Croix Tribal Community Center in Danbury, WI. Jean is the eldest St. Croix Tribal Member at 101 years old.

ATTENTION: Proposed Ordinance, Vulnerable Adults & Elder Guardianship, Request for Comment

Please click here if you are interested in reading the code in its entirety.

Nelson Street

On September 28th, 2022, Tribal Council presented Leroy and Janet Nelson with a Nelson Street road sign. It was at this presentation Leroy and Janet were informed the road into the Hertel Fire Department has officially been named Nelson Street. This naming is done in memory of Bob Nelson and in honor of Janet Nelson. Bob served over 25 years on the volunteer fire department, Janet remains active on the department with over 38 years of service.

Thank you, Nelson family!

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