Tribal Infrastructure

St. Croix Tribal Construction

The St. Croix Tribal Construction Department provides maintenance and routine repairs for St. Croix Tribal municipal vehicles and equipment.

Contact Information

Reuben Buck
715-349-2195 x 5211
[email protected]

Samantha Belisle
Administrative Assistant
715-349-2195 x 5126
[email protected]

Maurice Corbine
Mechanic/Fleet Manager

St. Croix Tribal Roads Department

The St. Croix Tribal Roads Department oversees the maintenance, construction, and safety of the roads that reside in the St. Croix Tribal reservation communities. They work with neighboring municipalities, county and state agencies and the federal government to provide St. Croix communities with safe, passable, well maintained roads. 

Contact Information

Ward Staples
715-349-2195 x 5135
[email protected]

Shelly Lowe
Road Safety
715-349-2195 x 5218

St. Croix Tribal Security

The St. Croix Tribal Security Team is responsible for the safety of all Tribal Government Buildings and Grounds, and the safety of all Tribal Employees, Visitors, and Community Members within these municipal buildings and grounds. 

Contact Information

Gary Stoner
715-349-2195 x 5189
[email protected]

St. Croix Tribal Maintenance

The St. Croix Tribal Maintenance Team is tasked with the daily repairs and sanitation of all St. Croix Tribal Government Buildings and Grounds.  

Contact Information

Jeff Taylor Jr.
Maintenance Supervisor
715-349-2195 x 5180

St. Croix Tribal Shipping & Receiving

The St. Croix Tribal Shipping & Receiving Department oversees and manages all Tribal Government Purchases.

Contact Information

Michelle Taylor
Property Manager
715-349-2195 x 5220
[email protected]