Intergovernmental Affairs

St. Croix Intergovernmental Affairs

The St. Croix Intergovernmental Affairs Office works by consultation, coordination and collaboration with government partners and agencies on a municipal, county, state and federal level. They work to support and preserve government to government relationships and enhance access to programs and services available to the St. Croix Tribe, tribal organizations, tribal programs and community members.

The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs ensures that the St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin’s interests are represented, coordinated and monitored at the local, state and federal government levels.

This office supports:
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Advocacy
  • Outreach
  • Communication
  • Policy Development
  • Media Relations
  • Tribal Representation to Agencies, and Organizations
Contact Information

Mike Decorah
Intergovernmental Liaison
715-349-2195 x 5208
[email protected]

Peter LaBlanc
Intergovernmental Liaison
715-349-2195 x 5219