Family & Children Services

Coordinated Service Team

Wraparound services to develop a comprehensive, individualized system of care for children who are involved in multiple systems of care such as mental health, substance abuse, child welfare, juvenile justice, special education, or developmental disabilities. CST is a group that includes family members, service providers, and others that work to design and carry out a coordinated service plan that addresses the need of the child and family with community-based supports for a child, which allows the child to live in their home and community realizing their hopes and dreams.

Voice. Choice. Ownership.

Contact Information

Dawn Emery, CST Coordinator
[email protected]
715-349-8554 x 5339

Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption

  • Relative Search
  • Child Placement
  • Foster Care Licensing
  • Kinship
  • Guardianship Home Studies
  • Adoption

It Takes A Village

Contact Information

Samantha Larson, Child Placement Coordindator
[email protected]
715-416-2418 (Cell)
715-349-8554 EXT 5305 (Office)

Indian Child Welfare

  • Referrals to service providers
  • Drug/Alcohol Screening
  • Supervised Visitations
  • Case Planning and Management
  • Assistance to promote case plan success
  • Tribal and Circuit Court appearances
  • Enrollment Inquiries
  • Investigative Services
  • Collaboration with State and Counties

The fight to protect our children is one we must fight together.

Contact Information

Elizabeth Lowe, ICW Director/HS Director Assistant
[email protected]
715-416-2745 (text)
715-214-2940 (direct line)

Laurel Lawrence, ICW Ongoing Caseworker
[email protected]