St. Croix Tribal Grants Department

The St. Croix Tribal Grants Department works with tribal departments, program directors, staff, and community members to: plan program initiatives, design projects, and identify funding opportunities. Following award, they can assist programs with grants administration and help insure grant compliance. The Grants Department works with St. Croix Tribal Council and tribal programs to develop grant applications that are sound, sustainable and meet the goals and vision of the St. Croix Tribe.

Recent Awards:

DOJ CTAS COPS 2020 – St. Croix Tribal Police Capacity Building $499,929
DOJ CTAS OVW 2020 – St. Croix Tribal DVSA Program Operations $895,162
DOJ TSASP 2020 – St. Croix Tribal DVSA Program Capacity $235,605
SAMHSA – COVID Mental Health and Substance Abuse Project $500,000
GLITEC Emergency Management SAVING LIVES Project $88,400
ANA-Language Preservation 2021 $82,609

Contact Information

Melanie Connor Johnson
Grants Administrator
Phone/EXT – 5406
[email protected]

Jodi Budge
Grants Specialist 
Phone/EXT – 5209
[email protected]