St. Croix Tribal Economic Development Corporation


St. Croix Tribal Economic Development Corporation

The St. Croix Tribal Economic Development Corporation (SCTEDC) is a Section 17 federally chartered corporation formed pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act, June 18, 1934, their by-laws were amended and approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Midwest Regional Acting Director on January 17, 2017, by and through the authority delegated by the Secretary of the Interior, and ratified by and through St. Croix Tribal Council (“St. Croix Tribe”) and is wholly owned by the St. Croix Tribe.

The purposes for which the SCTEDC is organized are; to promote economic development and engage in any type of lawful business, enterprise, or venture, within or without the St. Croix Reservation, for the benefit of the Tribe and its members.  To help establish and support Tribal entities for the purpose of furthering the economic stability of the Tribe and its members, and to create job opportunities for members of the Tribe.  To work with Tribal Council and Tribal Departments to expand job opportunities related to the development and operation of economic enterprises on or near the St. Croix Reservation which utilize the talents of the members and provide economic stability.

The SCTEDC Board consists of five members, appointed by Tribal Council.  SCTEDC board positions are uncompensated, and the board membership must maintain a Native American / Tribal Member majority.   Current SCTEDC Board Members: 

  • Secretary – Melanie Connor Johnson
  • Board Member – Jason Schlender
  • Board Member – Brooke Gonzalez
Contact Information

St. Croix Tribal EDC
24670 US Hwy 35 & 70
Suite 800
Siren, WI 54872


[email protected]

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