Aanji-Bimaadiziwin Healing Center

Aanji-Bimaadiziwin Healing Center is a supportive, sober living, residential environment with a partial hospitalization treatment format that promotes healthy recovery from substance use disorder(s) and/or alcoholism.  The facility supports persons recovering from substance use disorder(s) and/or alcoholism using best practices therapies, cultural immersion, individual treatment planning, supportive services, and peer recovery support.  Aanji-Bimaadiziwin conducts itself with integrity, upholding client rights while creating a culture of empowerment where the client engages in governance and leadership and develops abilities to apply the social model form of recovery which focuses on learning from the experiences of peers who are also in recovery.  Aanji-Bimaadiziwin provides a home-like, safe, and healthy environment.  Aanji-Bimaadiziwin consistently facilitates active recovery and recovery community engagement, modeling positive social behaviors and relationship enhancement skills, and cultivate a sense of belonging, responsibility, and accountability towards family and community. Aanji-Bimaadiziwin maintains a consistent environment in the residence free from alcohol and illicit drugs. Aanji-Bimaadiziwin models and expects courtesy rules for all clients.