St. Croix Tribal Enrollment Department

The St Croix Tribal Enrollment Office issues Tribal Identification cards, Certificate of Indian Blood (CDIB), processes applications for enrollment for children 0-17 that meet the enrollment criteria, family trees, tribal member verifications, and other duties pertaining to tribal membership. Tribal IDs are $15 for everyone under 55. If you have an expired or damaged ID, you may exchange it for free.

How long is the enrollment process?

                Completed applications will go to the next monthly meeting to be seen by the Enrollment Committee. After they accept it, it will go to the next monthly meeting with a full council to be approved.

Enrollment Committee meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Contact Information

Tasia Lemieux
Enrollment Director
715-349-2195 x 5187
[email protected]

Annie Merrill
Enrollment Admin. Assistance
715-349-2195 x 5274
715-349-8173 – Fax
[email protected]