EPA, Natural Resources, Tribal Utilities

St. Croix Environmental and Natural Resources

The Environmental and Natural Resources Department plays an important role in the development of expansion, management, and protection of environmental resources on Tribal lands. Responsibilities include water quality monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring, walleye restoration, recycling and examining lands complicated with the possible presence of hazardous substances. Services are provided to help preserve, restore and enhance the land, water, and resources with respect to St. Croix’s traditional uses. To do this we will provide technical assistance, education, and outreach while using the best available science and affordable technology efforts to protect the ecosystem.

The Environmental and Natural Resources Department also oversees the General Assistance Program (GAP) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). These programs assist in planning and developing environmental protection programs and storing environmental data.

St. Croix Tribal Utilities

The Tribal Utilities Department manages, operates, and maintains the water and wastewater systems for The St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin in the Sand Lake, Danbury, and Maple Plain Communities. The Tribal Utilities department is also responsible for any needed residential and commercial water testing on the St. Croix Reservation.

Office Information

St. Croix Tribal EPA Office
3796 St. Highway 70
Webster, WI 54893



Sarah Slayton

Environmental / Natural Resources Director

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5240

Sarah joined the St. Croix Environmental Department in 2003. She has a Bachelor’s of Science from UW-Eau Claire with a major in land use and a minor in technical writing. Sarah has worked under several EPA programs, including: Wastewater, Brownfields, and Indoor Air. Currently working under the EPA GAP grant, her primary responsibilities include grant management, administrative duties, and working with staff to coordinate environmental and natural resource programs and initiatives across tribal lands.

Leslie Billy

Network Exchange

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5231

Jamie Thompson

Natural Resources

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5287

Jamie Thompson was hired in April 2008 by the Natural Resource Department as a Fish and Wildlife Technician. She has a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Wisconsin: River Falls, in Conservation and double minors in Field Biology and Criminal Justice. Her main job duties included raising walleye, helping with walleye population surveys, monitoring wild rice on area lakes, equipment maintenance, and assisting with prescribed burns. In the fall of 2017, she transferred to the EPA Clean Air program under the 103 grant, as the Air Quality Coordinator. Her job duties include conducting indoor air quality assessments in tribal members’ homes and at tribal office buildings, providing outreach and education to the community, with the objective to promote cleaner air for tribal members and employee.  She also continues to help with all aspects of rearing walleye.
Jake Didier

Conservation Specialist

[email protected]

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5223

Jake began working for the St. Croix Environmental Department in September 2019. He attended college at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in field biology with a conservation minor in December 2012. Upon graduation, he spent several years as an LTE with the Wisconsin DNR in various positions around the state. With the most recent being a duel LTE Wildlife Technician. As a conservation specialist his duties include, habitat management and maintenance. As well as, helping other programs as needed.

Jeremy Bloomquist

Water Resources Manager

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5183

Jeremy began working for the St. Croix Chippewa Indians of WI in 2002.  His first 12 years he worked at St. Croix Waters Fishery before transferring to the Environmental and Natural Resources Department in 2014.  He received his B.S. from the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a biology major and chemistry minor.  As the Land and Water Resources Manager his duties include programs/projects:  CWA-106, Invasive Species (carp management and removal), Circle of Flight (wild rice surveying, restoration and seeding), electrofishing and netting surveys and forestry.  He is a board member of the Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council (WTCAC) and also serves as the chairman of the aquaculture committee.

Dave Buck

Tribal Utilities Manager

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5236

Dave Buck began working at Tribal Construction in 1996. He constructed and maintained water and sewer systems for individual homes. In 2008, Dave joined Tribal Utilities. Dave assists with the operation and maintenance and sampling of the community water and sewer systems in Hertel, Maple Plain, and Danbury. He continues to be the liaison with IHS for individual water and sewer service installation.

Don Taylor

Natural Resources Manager

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5142

I began working for the St. Croix Tribe in March of 1990 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin: River Falls with a Scientific Land Management major and Conservation minor. My job title is Field Supervisor for the Natural Resources Department. Some of my job duties include: Spring and fall walleye electrofishing surveys, all aspects of walleye culture, and equipment maintenance. I can also be involved other projects such as wild rice surveys, carp management issues, and the tribal youth forest. You can find me either at my desk in the Environmental building in “downtown” Hertel or at our work garage located behind the Food Distribution warehouse.

Patti Edwards

Tribal Utilities

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5223

Patti Edwards, St. Croix Tribal Utilities. Patti currently is the Operator for the City of Danbury water and wastewater system, which includes the St. Croix Tribal community. She is a certified water and wastewater operator through the State of Wisconsin. She is a member of the St. Croix Chippewa and lives in the Danbury community. Patti is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys travel. Patti is a veteran, serving in the United States Army.

Chad Songetay

Water Resources Technician

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5235

Chad started working for the St. Croix Tribal Environmental Department in September 2001 in the Solid Waste Department as a driver/solid waste worker. In 2002 he was transferred to the Water Department as a Water Technician working under the CW-106 grant. Chad mainly works under the CW-106 grant, but helps with field work under different projects/programs when needed.

David Spafford

GIS Specialist / Web Designer

[email protected] 

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5243

David joined the St. Croix Environmental Department in May 2003. He has a Bachelors of Science from UW-Eau Claire with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Geography. His primary work involves map making for Tribal departments, updating and cataloging geospatial data relevant to Tribal needs, and setting up an EPA Exchange Network node to facilitate reporting to the US EPA. He also assists with walleye spawn collection, spotted knapweed mapping and other EPA/DNR projects.

Trent Strapon

[email protected]

(715) 349-2195 ext. 5115

(715) 416-4239 Cell

Trent began working for St. Croix Tribal Utilities in January 2019 after attending classes for Agriculture/Natural resources at the Lac Courte Oreilles College and interning with the Lac Courte Oreilles Conservation Department for two years. Trent assists with the operation and maintenance and sampling of the community water and sewer systems in Hertel, Maple Plain, and Danbury. With his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and cheering on all Wisconsin Sports teams.