Community Healthcare

St. Croix Tribal Community Health

St. Croix Community Health Nurses and Staff provide care to community members with short & long term illness that are referred by a provider, self, or concerned community member. They can assist with:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly home visits
  • Medication set up
  • Medication delivery from Tribal Pharmacy
  • Assist setting up medical transportation
  • Communicate with providers and schedule needed appointments
  • Patient teaching of how to take charge of your medical condition.
  • Diabetic foot care & nail trimming
  • Assist/monitor exercise programs
  • Wound care ordered by provider
  • Loan out medical equipment (wheel chairs, walkers, canes, hand rails, detachable shower heads, commodes, shower chairs, medication boxes, urinals & grabbers)
  • Assess home for safety needs work with housing to install any needed safety equipment
  • Finding ANY needed resources & medical equipment
  • Winter jacket donation & delivery program for all persons in need (new program)

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact the community health nurses at the St. Croix Tribal Clinic.

Minaadendan gigichiaya aag (Honor the Elders)

Contact Information

Casey Denver
Charge Community Health Nurse
715-349-8554 x 5173
[email protected]

(Listed alphabetically)

Julie Dalsveen
Community Health Nurse
715-349-8554 x 5290

Kathy Dittmar
Community Health Nurse
715-349-8554 x 5268

Linda Ritchey
Community Health Nurse
715-349-8554 x 5143


The St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin has added a mobile medical trailer to help in their response to the COVID-19 in their Tribal Communities.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Northwestern Wisconsin, the St. Croix Tribal Health Mobile Unit will serve as another resource to allow the Tribe to respond at a community level to COVID-19 outbreaks.

The St. Croix Tribal Health Clinic Staff plans to initially use the trailer to support and expand their ongoing COVID-19 drive-through testing initiatives and provide community flu-vaccination clinics. Once the threat of COVID-19 has subsided the Mobile Health Trailer will provide service to areas that don’t have convenient healthcare access. This medical trailer will allow valuable services to be brought to those who need it most, and allow people without means of transportation to receive medical care, such as the elderly or other vulnerable patients.

Funding to purchase the mobile medical trailer was provided through the CDC-GLITEC-Saving-Lives grant award, and by the support of St. Croix Tribal Council, in partnership with the St. Croix Tribal Health Clinic.

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Due to COVID-19 Some Community Health Services are Currently Not Available.
Please call the clinic to speak with a Community Health Service Provider.