St. Croix Tribal Police K-9

The St. Croix Tribal Police Department will be adding one K9 to their unit. Luna will be joining the department early next month after she and her new handler go through rigorous training.

Luna is a 18 month old German Shepard. Her mother works for the Minnesota Department of Corrections. like her mother, Luna can track lost people, do article searches finding weapons used from a crime scene and detect narcotics. Luna and Corporal Jerdee will be trained by Mark Meyer, recently retired Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport Police K9 trainer.

Drug Investigator Corporal Miranda Jerdee will be Luna’s new handler. Corporal Jerdee has been with the St. Croix Tribal Police Department for ten years and has held the positions of Patrol Officer, Drug Investigator, Criminal Investigator and now K-9 handler.

The department is excited to bring Luna to our tribal communities and we can’t wait to get her here for everyone to meet.

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