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MMIWR 2023: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives March

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives March 2023

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives March 2023 took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Tuesday, February 14th. The annual walk honors missing and murdered indigenous women, girls, boys, LGBQI+, two spirit, and transgender relatives. Speakers began at 11am before the march at 12pm. The event is free and open to the public, with participants being encouraged to wear red and bring banners, posters, staffs, drums, and/or rattles. There is a lunch served after the march.

Despite the rainy weather, hundreds gathered for the march.

The MMIWR (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives) Task Force continues to work on bills for the upcoming 2023 legislative session. Speakers at the February 13th rally included Sen. Mary Kunesh, DFL-New Brighton, and Reps. Jamie Becker-Fin, DFL-Roseville, Heather Keeler, DFL-Moorhead and Alicia Kozlowski, DFL-Duluth. Lawmakers in attendance pushed for more funding for the Office of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives.

Thank you Karen Washington and Krissie Bearhart for event photos.

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives March in rain or shine for the cause.
The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives March
The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives March "Silent" poster held by children.
The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives March "Silent" poster held by child.
The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives March.
Patient Satisfaction

The Tribal Clinic has a new drop box for patient feedback. It is in the waiting area. There are forms available for patients to submit positive feedback, complaints, or suggestions. The submissions can remain anonymous or include contact information to request a follow up.

General Meeting Monday, March 6th At 5:30pm Turtle Lake Casino.
New Gym Equipment: 2 Treadmills

New Gym Equipment Has Arrived!

The Eva Connor Fitness Center at the Clinic has received new equipment. Ready for your use is one new adjustable weight bench, one new recumbent bike, one new elliptical, and two new treadmills.

Miigwech to Director of Nursing, Casey Denver, for getting the equipment ordered and the installation coordinated.

Weight Bench
St. Croix Chippewa Indians Of Wisconsin Logo / Seal

Tribal Government Job Openings

Tribal Court Bailiff (PT)

HR Specialist

EDC Board Member

Police Officer

Head Start Director

Construction Laborer/Parts Runner

Round Lake Community & Cultural Coordinator

Full job descriptions are available by clicking on the job titles. Please contact Tiffany Iorns, [email protected] or ext. 5196, for additional information.

HHS Job Openings


Clinical CMA/LPN

Diabetic Nurse Educator

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Clerk

Sexual Assualt Advocate

BCOR Advocate

Full job descriptions are available by clicking on the job titles. Please contact Shaurette Reynolds, [email protected] or ext. 5133, for additional information.

Please spread the word to your friends and family members about our open positions!

Earth Day Community Clean Up – Save the Date!

Earth Day Image Globe

Community Clean Up dates for 2023 will be as follows:

May 1st – Sand Lake (includes Gaslyn, Bashaw, and Clam Lake)

May 3rd – Maple Plain

May 8th – Danbury

May 10th – Round Lake/Balsam Lake

Rain dates are scheduled for the day after each posted clean up day, if necessary.

Closed for Presidents Day

The Tribal Center, Clinic, and other government buildings will be closed on Monday, February 20th, 2023.

Indigenous Breastfeeding

Snow/Ice Safety

·     Have good traction on your shoes.

·     Ice may not always be visible, walk as though snow and ice are present.

·     Take slower and smaller steps and understand activities such as crossing streets will take longer.

·     Adjust your stride so your center of gravity is maintained directly above your feet at all times (take shorter steps).

·     Try not to track snow into buildings. Wipe your feet off at the entrance to avoid snow melting creating slippery walkways.

Try to remember if you slip/fall, spread the impact of the fall over as large of an area of your body as you can. Also try to tuck your chin against your chest so your head is protected. 


How to Stay Safer with Fentanyl

The Tribal Clinic has narcan and fentanyl test strips available. There is NO JUDGEMENT and NO PRESSURE, all calls are confidential. The fentanyl test strips are easy to use and will show if drugs have been mixed or cut with fentanyl. Training will be provided on the proper use of narcan and rescue breathing prior to receiving narcan. 

How to stay safer with Fentanyl

The Clinic also offers a clean needle exchange program. This is CONFIDENTIAL and FREE. There is no judgement or pressure. This Syringe Service Program (SSP) is a community-based prevention program. It provides a lifeline to those struggling with substance abuse.

While there may be controversary over these programs, scientists have studied needle exchange programs for over 30 years and found the following benefits:

·     SSPs save lives by lowering the likelihood of deaths from overdoses;

·     Providing these clean supplies prevents outbreaks of other diseases, such as HIV or hepatitis;

·     Users of SSPs were three times more likely to stop injecting drugs;

·     Law enforcement benefits for the reduced risk of needlesticks, no increase in crime, and the ability to save lives by preventing overdoses;

·     In a comparison of two similar cities, the city using an SSP had 86% fewer syringes found in places like parks and sidewalks.

·     To learn more about Syringe Services Programs (SSPs0, visit

Please call 715-349-8554 ext. 5193 if you are interested in narcan training or would like more information on fentanyl test strips or the clean needle exchange program. 

If you would like an item featured in the weekly newsletter, please email Maggie Olson at [email protected].

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