Daily Archive: January 20, 2022

Payroll Announcement 1/20/22

The Payroll Department has received notice that the paychecks package has been misplaced within a local warehouse. Once FedEx locates the package, we plan to meet the delivery truck. If checks are not located, we will need to postpone payroll check release for Friday – until later in the day. We will be providing updates regarding when checks can be picked up. Thank you for understanding.

St. Croix Tribal Clinic Closures and Updates

We want to inform everyone we continue to struggle to have enough staff to keep the St. Croix Tribal Health Clinic open due to clinic staff exposure and illness with COVID-19.  The rate of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has doubled in two weeks to 18,000 or more cases each day. The St Croix Tribal Clinic WILL remain open through this week through Friday January 21st  at noon.  Pharmacy will be CLOSED on Friday January 21st -Dave has requested vacation day.  […]