St. Croix Tribal Elder Care Department

St. Croix Tribal Caregiving Unit

We provide in-home care to ensure our mobility and physically limited Tribal Elders can continue their golden years in the comforts of their home.

Caregiving Mission

Independence with Grace and Dignity


Elder Advocates provide support and care for the rights of the St. Croix Elderly population.


St. Croix Tribal Aging Unit

The St. Croix Tribal Aging Unit is an excellent one-stop resource for elders to seek support and obtain information on a variety of different topics including healthcare options, benefit specialist referrals, caregiver resources, dementia specialist services, nutrition, long-term care, and other services. We strive to connect elders to the services they need by providing information and assistance that promote independence and healthy living.

Aging Mission

To assist, support, and advocate the needs and wants of the St. Croix Tribal Elders.  To provide healthy nutritious meals and seek to administer and/or coordinate more support services through the program for the elders and caregivers of the St. Croix Tribe.


Elder nutrition, respite services, and home health care.

Elder Nutrition Eligibility

The St. Croix Tribal Aging Unit provides nutritious, flavorful meals for tribal elders ages 55+ and non-tribal elders 60 or older and their spouse (regardless of age), as well as to disabled individuals who reside at home with and accompany an older eligible individual to the dining center. Each meal provides at least 33% of the recommended daily amounts of nutrients for older adults. Nutrition screening and dietary counseling by a Registered Dietician is also available. In addition to the congregate meals served, In 2019, the St. Croix Tribal Aging Unit provided almost 5,500 home delivered meals.

Elders Luncheon & Meal Donation

Hosted at the Danbury Nutrition Center (Danbury Community Center) and the Sand Lake Nutrition Center in Hertel, meals are free to tribal elders who are 55 years of age or older. Non-Tribal Members under 60 years and Tribal Members under 55 must pay the full cost of the meal. The full cost of each meal is $5.00. Each meal location allows elders the opportunity to donate toward the cost of the meal. No eligible participant will be denied a meal if they are unable to donate. In 2019, the St. Croix Tribal Aging Unit provided more than 8,100 congregate meals.


Elder Care Dept.

Lisa Reynolds
Elder Care Director
(715) 349-2195 x 5116
[email protected]

Leah Reynolds
Administrative Assistant
(715) 349-2195 x 5169
[email protected]

Donna Churchill
Aging Grants Specialist

Edwin Songetay
Elder Liaison/Nutrition Site Monitor
(715) 349-2195 x 5320
[email protected]

Diana Belisle
Elder Liaison/ILA Supervisor
(715) 349-2195 x 5203
[email protected]

Chalah Mosay
Elder Transporter
(715) 733-1495

Nutrition Sites

Sand Lake Nutrition Site
4460 Highway 70
Webster WI 54893

Danbury Nutrition Site
30335 W. Minerva Dam Road
Danbury WI 54830