Overdose Awareness Day – August 31st

August 31 has been designated International Overdose Awareness Day.

In recognition of this day, and those Community Members who have been lost to overdose and their families and friends, St. Croix Tribal Health Clinic Primary Care and Behavioral Health would like remind the community of the risk of opioid overdose and available resources.

As most of you know, this area is being bombarded by an influx of fentanyl, a very strong opioid drug.  Only a small amount of fentanyl can cause overdose.  Many other opioid drugs, as well as other types of drugs, are being laced with fentanyl.  Most opioid overdose deaths today are due to synthetic opioids. This trend started many years ago but is now moving into rural areas.


Outpatient substance use counseling and/or mental health therapy is available at St. Croix Tribal Behavioral Health.  Please call Marisa Churchill (Behavioral Health Office Manager) at 715-349-8554 x5264 to complete a referral form and schedule an intake appointment.

Behavioral health staff can also assist with making arrangements for residential substance use treatment.  Please call Marisa at x5264, and she will arrange a call or meeting to discuss your needs and options.

Substance abuse counselor Kristin Grew will be available outside in the front of the Health Clinic on Wednesday, August 31 (weather-permitting) to provide opioid overdose education, medication-assisted treatment education, and naloxone (Narcan) training on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The Building Communities of Recovery (BCORP) program provides recovery peer support and linkage to recovery-supportive activities, including cultural activities, in the community.  Please contact Perry Staples at 715-349-8554 x 5156 for more information.

Primary care offers the Clean Needle Exchange Program, Fentanyl Test Strips, Naloxone (Narcan) Training, and Naloxone (Narcan) overdose reversal kits.   These services are confidential and free.  There is no judgment and no pressure. Please Call the Clinic Triage Nurse at 715-349-8554, x5193 for more information. Flyers with more information about these programs are attached. 

Primary care offers Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in the form of injection naltrexone (Vivitrol) and pill form naltrexone.  These medications can help individuals avoid overdose by reducing craving to use opioids.  MAT is most successful when combined with seeing a substance use counselor, and has been shown to help people improve their daily lives (relationships, employment, engagement in recovery activities).  Call the Clinic Front Desk at 715-349-8554 x5150 to make an appointment.

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