Traditional Medicine Building Construction Underway

On November 23, 2020 the St. Croix Tribe broke ground on a new Traditional Medicine Building in the community of Big Sand Lake, Hertel WI.  This new facility will be located on the former site of the Elder’s Nutrition Building on Angeline Ave,a sacred and significant location, overlooking Big Sand Lake. This location was selected based on its historical significance to the St. Croix Tribe and its position in the community.

The Traditional Medicine Building will provide tribal community members with a designated space to practice traditional medicine, perform cultural ceremonies, nurture individual wellness, and mental health and support community healing and resilience.  

Design and construction of  the The Traditional Medicine Building was funded through federal CARES Act monies allocated to expand healing and wellness in the Tribal communities, hardest hit by COVID-19.  Construction is underway, with an expected completion date in early summer 2021.  

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