St. Croix Tribal Clinic’s Health Physicals

St. Croix Tribal Clinic's Health Physicals

On August 10th and August 11th, the St. Croix Tribal Clinic held an event for free physicals. The physicals were for children entering Head Start in the 2022/2023 school year, as well as any other child, youth, sports, or annual physical needed. Kids under 18 years of age were welcome. The exams were performed by doctors and students in training in various specialties (audiology, optometry, speech language pathology, etc.) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

The Tribal Clinic secured 100 bicycles, of various sizes, for the children who participated in the physicals. Along with providing physicals, there was a lunch event, which included a powwow and full taco bar, in the Tribal Center gymnasium.


Thank you to the staff at the Tribal Clinic for planning, organizing, and executing such a successful and fun event, the maintenance staff for setting up the gymnasium for the lunch and powwow, Melanie Johnson for catering the luncheon, and the powwow participants for displaying their talents.

Additional Photos From Event

  • Crystal Brady says:

    Great photos! Thank you to SCTHC for the bikes for all the kids. Awesome powwow too. Was a great event all around. 😊😊

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