Council Corner

“Warmest Holiday Wishes” to all of our employees and your families!

The Holiday season can be very special for people. Like few other times in the year, some of us will feel a notable “togetherness” with our families and friends while we share our holiday meals and traditions. For others, the Holiday season can be very overwhelming or lonely. We recognize these different emotions, and sincerely hope St. Croix has created a Holiday season that benefits our employee’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

We would like to thank each and every one of our employees for their efforts in 2022. THANK YOU for your continued commitment to our success. We could not operate our Tribal Government, Clinic, or Enterprises without our workforce, whom we truly believe are the best of the best. It is our goal at St. Croix to provide our employees with career opportunities that transcend the title of “job”, because our employees remain our #1 priority. We hope we have created that culture this year, and that our workplace culture will be sustained, and even grow when needed, in the years to come.

We hope all are able to enjoy the Employee Appreciation event, Christmas gift, and designated time off later this month.

Happy Holidays!

– Bill, Thomas, Rick, Georgia, and Conrad

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