Daily Archive: December 2, 2022

Round Lake Clinic Closure Thursday Dec 8th and 15th.

Round Lake Clinic Closure Thursday Dec 8th and 15th. Round Lake Clinic will be closed the next two Thursdays December 8th and 15th for construction for the two new Dental rooms. The work can be completed faster with two days per week than just one.  Construction crew will be at the Round Lake Clinic the next two Thursdays and Fridays to complete the construction.

Council Corner

“Warmest Holiday Wishes” to all of our employees and your families! The Holiday season can be very special for people. Like few other times in the year, some of us will feel a notable “togetherness” with our families and friends while we share our holiday meals and traditions. For others, the Holiday season can be very overwhelming or lonely. We recognize these different emotions, and sincerely hope St. Croix has created a Holiday season that benefits our employee’s physical, mental, […]

Early Release Weekly Newsletter

Behold our Heritage, Share our Future Did you know there is a library inside the Education building? I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about the Ojibwe language to explore the library. There are hundreds of books to learn from. Reach out to Janine McNulty at ext. 5312 or Karen Washington at ext. 5303 with any questions.   “Nibi is Water. Nibi Aawon Nbiish” By Joanne Robertson Translated by Shirley Williams and Isadore Toulouse Gimewon, Rain, Goon, snow, Nbiish […]